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Diane ~ 54 ~ C.T. Technologist ~ Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy

February 22, 2016

Having Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy was the best decision for me!!  I had been suffering with left heel pain and burning, for almost a year.  The pain was starting to affect my life negatively.  I no longer enjoyed my long walks, and working 12 hour shifts was becoming almost unbearable.  I was miserable!  After seeing Dr. Williams I started to feel optimistic and tried everything he suggested. Shots, orthotics, and physical therapy, but the pain didn't go away, so I decided to have the EPF and cannot believe how much better I feel now!  I have my life back!

A huge thank you to Dr. Williams and his thoughtful and caring staff!  Everyone has been awesome and I will be recommending Dr. Williams and his staff to everyone!


Metamora, MI


Edward ~ 45 ~ General Motors ~ Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy

August 27, 2015

I couldn't be more happier with the outcome of the surgery that Dr. Williams did on my foot for Plantar Fasciitis. I recovered very quickly and I have zero pain in my foot now!  Thank you so much Dr. Mark Williams!  :)


Flint, Michigan



Cora ~ 75 ~ Retired ~ Austin Bunionectomy

December 17, 2014

I would just like to say that having a bunionectomy was one of the "best things" I've done for myself.  I walk now without pain or discomfort and shoe shopping is so much easier now!


Davison, Michigan



Juanita ~ 56 ~  Cashier ~ Cheilectomy, Arthroplasty, Exostectomy, Nail Avulsion

,Ch  December 4, 2014

Can you say 7 times? Well that's how many times I've had foot surgery!  First time was with a different Doctor, last 6 with Dr. Williams and any future surgeries, if necessary, will be with Dr. Williams. On top of these surgeries, I've also had 3 ingrown toenails removed by Dr. Williams in his office.

After each surgery, my healing time was either just as Doctor predicted or quicker. Dr. Williams has improved the quality of my life and I will always be grateful to him for that.

And before I forget, I have to tell you about his staff.  They are friendly, professional, and welcome all with open arms. I remember one time when I was getting my first ingrown toe nail removed.  My anxieity level was quite high because all my procedures (surgeries) were done when I was asleep. Well, this time I was gonna be awake!

So Trisha, Doctor's nurse of 9 years now, came in, calmed me down and even made me laugh. I told Doctor, "she was a keeper".

It's amazing how your feet can effect your whole body.

In closing, I'd like to say that I highly recommend Dr. Williams to all. Thank you Doctor.


Burton, Michigan



 Matthew ~ 35 ~  Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy  

August 25, 2014

Where do we start with Dr. Williams.  He has treated multiple podiatric problems for our family.  He has addressed heel pain, ingrown toenails, hammertoes, etc.

Recently, we found out first hand his skill and ability with the Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy procedure.  Everyday my husband had a tremendous amount of pain when stepping down in the morning when he got out of bed.  He had tried treatments over the years with other providers without relief.  Dr. Williams perfromed the procedure on one foot and a couple days later he was pain free.  He signed up without hesitation to have the other foot done as well.  This surgery has made a tremendous impact on our family.  He is able to run and play sports with our son in the backyard without pain.

Dr. Williams is amazing and we cannot commend his expertise enough.  Davison is lucky to have such a wonderful physician and also a supporter and involved member of our community.

Thank you Dr. Williams!

Matthew and Family

Davison, Michigan



Connie ~ 51 ~ IT Professional ~ Austin Bunionectomy 

June 10, 2014

On February 27, 2014 I had an Austin Bunionectomy.  Going into the surgery I knew what to expect and what complications could happen.  I am extremely happy to say that there was very little pain the day of and day after and by day 3 there was zero pain.  I was walking in my own shoes just 5 weeks later. Of course I followed everything Dr. Williams said to do and I am confident that has everything to do with the quick recovery.  I'm back to chasing around my 3 grandsons! 

The staff is fabulous.  They are friendly and professional. Your wait for your appointment is minimal.  I was always seen within 10 minutes or less of my appointment time.

If you are thinking of having this surgery and are looking for a physician, look no further! Dr. Williams is the right person for your surgery!

Thank you Dr. Williams!


Davison MI



Thomas ~ 46 ~ Medical Technologist ~ Achilles Tendon Repair

February 11, 2014

Dr. Williams has literally changed my life!  After suffering with chronic achilles tendonitis for over a year, Dr. Williams immediately identified a partial achilles tendon tear.  Upon diagnosis, an MRI was scheduled to determine the full extent of the injury.  Surgery was immediately scheduled.  The surgical procedure was a complete success.  Dr. Williams has allowed me to return to the active lifestyle I enjoyed prior to injury.  Thanks Dr. Williams!


Davison, Michigan


Carrie ~ 51 ~ Administrator ~  Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy 

November 4, 2013

Total recovery after my surgery!  Dr. Williams and his residents are wonderful!


Dorr, Michigan

Dottie ~ 69 ~ Retired ~ Austin Bunionectomies

April 17, 2013

Dr. williams removed my bunion on the left foot on Halloween Day 2012.  No after pain.  I followed his instructions with physical therapy.  Recovery was absolutely painless.  He removed my right bunion on December 26th, 2012.  Again no pain afterwards and followed up with physical therapy.  I was thrilled!  All the terror reports I had heard were unfounded.  If I had a third foot I wouldn't hesitate to have him remove another bunion.  His staff was extremely good to me!  I loved everything connected to my surgeries.


Lapeer, Michigan


Linda ~ Age 66 ~ Retired ~ Permanent Ingrown Toenail Removal (Matrixectomy)

December 3, 2012

I came into Dr. Williams' office terrified!  I've had a toenail removed and knew how painful the shot was.  Oh good grief!  It was amazing to have the shot with very, very, little discomfort!  I call him and his associate angels of mercy.  Thank you so much for all your help!  You and your staff are awesome!  Thank you again!


Davison, Michigan


Sheere ~ Age 32 ~ Student ~ Austin Bunionectomy and Lateral Ankle Stabilization

October 24, 2012

Dr. Post-Vasold is by far the nicest and most thorough doctor that I have ever met.  He has a wonderful bedside manner.  He even called me at home to check on me the day of my surgery.  I have referred him to everyone I know.


Lapeer, Michigan 


Billie ~ Age 64 ~ Healthcare Consultant ~ Austin Bunionectomy

August 14, 2012

I had a bilateral Bunionectomy on July 11, 2012.  Dr. Williams was very upfront with me prior to surgery and I went into my surgery knowing what to expect and what kind, if any, complications could occur.  I am very happy to report that I had no pain or discomfort post-surgery. It was not necessary for me to take any type of pain medication, or over the counter medications.  I followed his instructions carefully and kept my feet elevated and iced as he instructed.  I was able to walk the day of surgery and am so pleased with my outcome.  I am 4 weeks post-op and will be in my own shoes earlier than expected.  Dr. Williams is extremely professional and his staff members are outgoing friendly and very helpful.  I recommend Dr. Williams without reservation and would not hesitate to return in the future should I need foot care.  Thank you Dr. Williams for my pain free feet and such a perfect outcome. 


Lennon, Michigan


Melody ~ Age 57 ~ Retired ~ Posterior Heel Spur Removal with Repair of Achilles Tendon

March 21, 2012

I want to thank Dr. Williams and the staff at his office in Davison.  The staff are very polite, friendly, and professional.  His office is clean, and cheerful.  This is the second surgery Dr. Williams had done for me and both were very successful. This surgery, (heel spur under Achilles Tendon, left foot), from everything I read about it, was supposed to have at least a twelve week period of time after the surgery that the patient would be non weight bearing and in a cast.  When my twelve weeks was over I had already completed four weeks of physical therapy and had been walking for four weeks, first with crutches, then with a cane, and then independently.  I credit this to Dr. Williams' medical expertise and the physical therapy center he recommended.  Again, a big thanks to Dr. Williams and his staff for my successful surgery.


Millington, Michigan


Tom ~ Age 66 ~ Retired GM Salary ~ Diabetic Foot Ulceration with Bone Infection

December 6, 2011

I want to thank Dr. Mark Williams, and his staff, and to GOD for the wonderful work they performed in healing my left foot.  I am a type II diabetic, on insulin, all of which promulgated a severe diabetic ulcer wound, which could have ended with a BKA (below the knee amputation). However the outcome was my healed foot!



Flint, Michigan


Sharon ~ Age 68 ~ Caregiver ~ Bunionectomy and Hammertoe Repair

September 26, 2011

Thanks to Dr. Williams and his staff, I feel I have a new foot.  I am now able to wear shoes I haven't worn in fifteen years.  The procedure I had was a Keller Bunionectomy and Hammertoe Repair (Tenotomy and Capsulotomy).  I am totally thrilled with the outcome.  Dr. Williams' and his entire staff were always professional and very kind.  Four of my friends were Dr. Williams' patients, and all are very happy.  If you have a problem, please make an appointment with Dr. Williams.  He is the best!!



Grand Blanc, Michigan       

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May 2, 2011

I had an Arthroplasty with Bio Pro Implant (01/05/2011).

Dr. Williams - Spent time with me, answered all of my questions, was totally up front relative to duration of discomfort etc. I have already referred a friend to him.

Office Staff - Very kind on the phone and the people taking x-rays or removing sutures all very professional.

I would highly recommend anyone with a foot or ankle issue to Dr. Williams.


Davison, MI 


Trish ~ Age 71 ~ Retired

January 12, 2011

I've been coming to Dr. Williams almost eight to nine years. He is very professsional. He is knowledgeable and answers all my questions. He also asks about my general health. I would not or have not hesitated to recommend him to friends and family. Everyone in the office is very professional and helpful.


Davison, Michigan


Barb ~ Age 56 ~ Retired ~ Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy

September 27, 2010

What a relief, no more pain!!
After years of heel pain and trying the cortizone shot and the night splint, etc. Dr. Williams said that I was a good canidate for Endoscopic plantar fasciotomy. I had the surgery on September 15, 2010. Now on September 27, 2010 there is no pain at all. Thanks to Dr. Mark, all is well!


Columbiaville, Michigan


Donald ~ Age 63 ~ Retired ~ Heel Spurs

August 8, 2010

I have had pain in my heels for 10 years. Before I retired, after being on my feet all day, by the time I drove home at the end of the day I couldn't get out of my truck without pain. After I retired and wasn't on my feet all day I wouldn't feel the pain until after watching TV at night with my feet up. The pain then started to come earlier in the day until I was in pain by lunch time. After one appointment and injections in both heels, I am pain free. Thank you Dr. Williams.


Clio, Michigan

Lisa ~ Age 40 ~ Student Nurse Anesthetist

July 27, 2010

The staff always accommodates appointments by fitting me in. I never have to wait very long in the reception area, and Dr. Williams is always attentive and personable. I have recommended him to others.


Otisville, Michigan

Rhonda ~ Age 40 ~ Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy

June 17, 2010

I just wanted to write you a HUGE THANK YOU! As I told you at my post operative visit on May 17th, you are MY HERO! So what makes me think this, you wonder...I had the Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy which gave me back my life!

I suffered for years with "flare ups" of Plantar Fascititis in both feet. My family doctor treated me with night splints and then referred me to you. You treated me over this past year with supports for my shoes and cortisone injections. All of this provided some relief for about six months.

The left foot continued with your "game plan" but it was the right foot that decided not to. I suffered with this daily pain just thinking that was how life was going to be. It finally got to a point where I could not stand to make dinner, do dishes, and all the other things Mom's do for their families. I would cook and wash dishes with my foot propped up on a stool. It finally came to a point when even sitting, my foot was constantly aching with hot shooting pains. These pains ran up the back of my leg all the way to my hip. I had this constant ache/pain including thinking my achilles tendon would rupture with the next step I took, which explains the limp I developed in walking. When I came back to see you for what I thought would be another round of cortisone injections, my daily life activities were greatly suffering. I could not be up for more than an hour at a time and even then, sitting with my foot propped up was still as painful as standing. There were many nights that I was either in tears or on the verge of tears from the pain. It was then you felt I would be a candidate for the EPF surgery. At that point I was ready for anything! I had heard some horror stories from friends who had this surgery and the pain I would have afer the surgery, but they told me the surgery did work and it would be worth it in the end. I have to say the pain I endured after the surgery was not as painful as the pain I had lived with for the past year.