Ball of Feet Pain

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Home treatment Options for ball of foot pain including neuromas, calluses and metatarsalgia

If you cannot see a podiatrist, or you want to try home treatment first, here are our suggestions on self treatment of pain under the ball of the foot. 

9 Step Ball-of-Foot Pain Relief Plan

  1. Use an arch support to transfer force off of the ball of the foot.  An arch support that will not collapse will do the best job.  We recommend the Powerstep Full Length Arch Support.
  2. Use a sandal with an arch support to wear around the house.  This will act to decrease pressure on the ball of your foot.   We highly recommend the Wave Flip-flop Sandalavailable here.  Our patients love this flip flop.
  3. Use a silicone product to cushion the balls of your feet.  Two that work very well are the Silipos Metatarsal Gel Strap and the Silipos Softsock.  Both of these devices provide a tremendous amount of cushioning.
  4. For cushioning in women’s dress shoes, where the Gel Strap and SoftSock would be too big, try using a Gel Metatarsal Pad.  Both of these devices provide a tremendous amount of cushioning.  The Gel Strap will cushion the ball of the foot and the Softsock is a sock with a silicone insert built into the entire bottom of the sock.
  5. Ice the painful area of your foot twice per evening for 10 minutes each time.
  6. Use a topical pain reliever such as Orthogel Cold Therapy Relief Gel during the day.


If You Have Calluses

Calluses cause pain under the ball of the foot by increasing pressure.  If you have calluses or dry skin under the ball of your feet, use the following products in addition to those above:


  1. Hydrostat Cream to soften the calluses.
  2. Find a shoe store with well trained shoe fitters to fit your shoes.  A good shoe fitter will not only lead you to the best fitting shoes, but can often modify the shoe to fit difficult to fit feet.  If you don’t have a good shoe store nearby, the Orthofeet Shoes for Women and Orthofeet Shoes for Men work great for ball of foot pain as they have cushion and extra room in the toe box to fit insoles.  Both casual and athletic shoes are available.

Don’t live with pain under the balls of your feet.  For the most effective and long-lasting treatment, make an appointment to see us in our Davison or Lapeer office.